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Kućište is a small village on the western side of Pelješac peninsula, west of Orebić and east of Viganj. The almost separate settlement Perna by Orebić is alos part of the village. Kućište, similarly to Viganj and Orebić on the northern side of the Pelješki Channel and Korčula and Račišće on the Korčula Island side, used to be known for its maritime traditions. Beautiful memories of the centuries long glory are the stone houses along the coastline - they were ship owner properties known as captain's houses (kapetanova kuća).

Kućište as a vacation destination can be an ideal choice for those who would like to avoid crowded and noisy places (like Orebić during the summer season), for those who prefer a more relaxed, tranquil resort. Zamošće, Kućište's main beach has space for all bathers even during the high season and the 0.5 km long western side of the bay is also a great beach option.

Kućište from west
Kućište from west

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